Women are entrepreneurs, highly paid professionals, and leaders in business. Many of us have skills to give. We are marrying later. Many of us have time to give. Women are also likely to manage the family money for a significant portion of their lives. Many of us have money to give. When I began my own giving journey I found myself short on resources that would guide me along the way. I faced many questions:

How much do I give?
How do I find good organizations that are efficient and effective?
What are some of the common methods of giving?
How do I find others to join me on this journey?

Most of all, I was eager to root all of my decisions in a biblical framework. When Women Give is filled with practical advice and stories to foster growth in giving at any and every level. I share openly from my own story, both from my perspective as a donor and from serving on the boards of several Christian nonprofits. If you want to be a wise steward of what you’ve been given, then this book is for you.

Published by InterVarsity Press